We didn't think candles had to be boring...

About 54°Celsius

ts been about 150 years since candles were vital for light. Now their role is more refined. They create ambiance. Their combination of warm low light, scent, and slow transformation make them the essential solution for communicating the mood. Whether it's intimacy, festivity, enchantment or elegance - candles say it like nothing else can.

54 Celsius strives to enhance the conversation by bringing you candles that are so beautiful and unique that they can easily transition from a supporting role to the star of the show. We both design our own collections and we share the work of some very talented friends by distributing their candles here in the US and UK.

What's in the name 54 Celsius? You probably guessed it.

About Thorunn

Thorunn Arnadottir is the creative director and co-founder of 54°Celsius. Thorunn's multi-disciplinary work is driven by curiosity and interest in exploring everyday objects from a new perspective. She holds a MA degree in Design Products from Royal College of Arts and BA from Iceland Academy of the Arts.

About Dan

Dan is the co-founder and managing director of 54°Celsius. Over his career Dan Koval has successfully brought over 30 new products to market. His products range from gifts and home accessories to furniture and housewares. Dan holds an MBA from INSEAD in France and a BBA in marketing from the University of Massachusetts

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Our Collections

  • Pyropet

  • Tallow

  • Twist

Our Journal

  • Plato, Einar Thorsteinn and the elements

    Plato, Einar Thorsteinn and the elements

    In winter 2019 our head designer, Thorunn, was invited to do be an "artist in residence" at the Icelandic Museum of Design, where she would study the work of late architect/mathematician/philosopher Einar Thorsteinn.

    Read article Plato, Einar Thorsteinn and the elements