Pyropet candles are animal shaped candles with aluminum skeletons inside them. As the candles melt, they slowly reveal their delightfully creepy surprise. Pyropet Candles are the original candles with a skeleton inside them. Get one for a friend… or an enemy.
  • Side view of black kisa the cat candle with a lit wick.
    Side view of burning black kisa the cat shaped pyropet candle. As she burns she reveals her inner skeleton.

    Kisa Cat Candle

  • Einar Lilac
    Einar Lilac

    Einar Unicorn Candle

  • Hoppa Coral
    Hoppa Coral

    Hoppa Bunny Candle

  • Side view of lit grey ugla the owl pyropet candle
    Melting grey owl shaped animal candle reveals skeleton frame inside.

    Ugla Owl Candle

  • Dyri Teal (Scented)
    Dyri Teal (Scented)

    Dyri the Reindeer Candle

  • Dreki Neon Orange (Scented)
    Dreki Neon Orange (Scented)

    Dreki Dragon Candle

  • Bibi Neo Mint
    Bibi Neo Mint


  • Voffi Terracotta
    Voffi Terracotta

    Voffi Dog Candle

  • Top view of white and black geometric porcelain candle plate.
    Side view of white and black geometric porcelain plate for pyropet candles


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